My thoughts of the Mini SNES

Usually this part of the blog where I talk about new releases of retro games on disks or cartridges but now Nintendo are out to make something from their own retro equipment. I usually save this blog for other developers. Anyways, with the success of the Mini Nintendo System last year, Nintendo are quick to put out the mini version of the follow up to their predecessors, the Super Nintendo console. My thought on the idea? It’s clear Nintendo are just doing away with it, some manufacturer wants to burn out the SNES and have everyone jumping in just to sell the device. I really don’t care and it’s not what I’m looking for because it’s well official. It’s also a reason why I haven’t uploaded a picture of anything, so you photographers can have fun post it around to show how amazing it is. I would have cared alot more if I got the Nintendo Entertainment system instead but I didn’t grow up to be a Nintendo fan, so that’s just me but I still root for the mini-NES today. Have fun if anyone gets the Mini-SNES


Unholy Night – New SNES Game


Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter is the latest SNES in development and is still to be released next month in June 2017 for North America. It’s a fighting game developed by ex-SNK staff. It keeps that 90s feel to it with fighters representing a more fantasy feel to the game. Clearly trying to give something new for those players who enjoyed those times when the SNES offered something new. Maybe it’s also a way of giving those artists experience of releasing a cartridge based game, you never know, the Neo Geo was huge during the 90s and it was a dream for anyone to help release a game in cartridge format, who knows. If anyone wants, you could purchase the game here on

Here’s some video footage of the game:

RetroUSB open for orders on 8-Bit Xmas 2014


The NES Homebrew website RetroUSB are openned for orders on their next line up of 8-Bit Xmas for 2014. It’s going to have another set of mini-games and with a set of LEDs in the cartridge. Custom orders allows for custom text if anyone wants to purchase that option aswell.

You can view the product page here:

Airaki – Medieval Puzzler for the Gameboy


Furrtek Software has released a limited bunch of their Gameboy Puzzle game Airaki. The game is a medieval RPG like puzzle game which has been in development however the release of the cartridge version is littled to only 200 copies and the price risen by $2 or $3 because the components were hard to find in large amounts. This is Furrtek’s second Gameboy release, the first being Super Command.    

Source: Nintendo Life


Why you should keep your X-box!

I recently bought an X-box in the UK. the mentality of retailers having to get rid of stock without thinking about why they’re getting rid of it does bother me. I think some retailers are seriously lucky to even sell pre-owned editions of X-box because even they don’t know the value of the X-box with what’s out there on the market right now. It’s not just about that copy of Halo, that experience on X-box live or those amazing graphics. There alot more about the X-box that people are going to pick up on and I think they will always appreciate in years to come. (and not because WordPress are also based in Washington, USA).

1. The machine as a product was leading the pack how software companies can made there devices.

With the Kindle along with it’s paper white feel already out there and the upcoming Valve’s Steam Machines still wanting to get it’s core model. The X-box was one of the things that a software development could do when they were successful and many of these other companies are following. You could always turn off the Internet and still have an experience. Of course Microsoft create there mouses and keyboards with windows keys as well however this was more like a major push for the software market.

2. Can show what a device could do with the Internet turned off

Always online to power a device with the internet may feel like a punishment to some however as time will go on, it doesn’t stop them from producing something without the Internet from it’s success. Keep in mind. Slingo was bought out by Real and there’s a few Tiger Electronic Slingo Handheld floating around somewhere during 1998 to show off what the Internet can do and Google on their massive buyout on robotic companies and could imagine what they can do considering that Microsoft standard from a software company.

3. Those Neon Green DVD Cases

If there something any business wants… it’s to stand out in the retailers to be noticed and purchased. Even thou it may looked like gamers were being introduced to another alien into world in a form of a DVD case when walking into a retailer, it stood out. Some kids parents must of had one joy of a laugh for purchasing a game for their kid and giving them to their kid. Those Neon Green cases were the reason that Sony changed their DVD cases to Navy Blue and even prompted Sony to design their Blu-Ray case to stand out from how different their boxes are. Many others companies have taken notice of this are changing the colour of their DVD cases.

… and now all these companies are following Microsoft’s example in what a console can do which is why it deserves to be noticed.

Study Hall New Homebrew NES Game Released

ImageContinuing the wave of home brewed entertainment comes Study Hall on the Nintendo Entertainment system by KHAN Games. Another game encase in it own cartridge and sold.

The game graphics which resembles doodle on lined paper to make good use of the low graphic constraints does make the game appealing and fresh on any NES game and makes the game a welcomed addition to anyones’ library. 

via Wired